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I am a lifelong learner committed to helping students reach their academic goals. As an experienced researcher and academic, I can provide insights and assistance in many different fields.


My background in anthropology, business, and education provides a unique combination of skills that I utilize to help individuals, and organizations, find their vision and achieve their mission.

I have always loved people, cultures, & learning. Shortly after earning my Bachelor's in Anthropology, I began a decade long journey in the corporate world. As a multi-site leader and trainer, I discovered my passion for coaching and developing efficient learning systems.

I now work with clients around the world, servicing a diverse array of needs. I am not afraid to leave my comfort zone to deliver what you or your organization need to grow and achieve your goals.


With degrees in fine art and graphic design, and more than 25 years of experience, our graphic designer will produce a unique quality piece of art for you or your business.

We have proudly served Florida and Georgia, as well as online clients for over  10 years.

We believe in providing superior services and products. We provide custom services at reasonable prices. We use high-quality materials so we can guarantee our vinyl installations will last indoors or outdoor for a minimum of 3 years even in the Florida or Georgia sun.

I am a therapist who works with people who feel "stuck." I am a marriage and family therapist specializing in Behavioral Science. I understand life and human development. I am trained in several modalities to understand my client's needs better.

I have several years of experience working with mental health and behavioral health. I have helped individuals and couples recover from trauma related to physical, sexual, verbal, and emotional abuse.


Trauma can manifest itself in several ways, including: relationship issues, professional issues, that allow the inability to live in peace and harmony. It can also manifest body image, self-sabotage, and a lack of self-confidence.


Some of the modalities I use include Brain Spotting (BSP), Collaborative Therapy and Structural Therapy.

Ramona Durso, EdD, MBA

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Jason Smith


Susan White, LLMFT,
Brainspotting Clinician

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